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President of MOU attends the ICDE Presidents’ Summit Sydney, Australia 2016


Hujjatul Islam wal Muslemin Dr. Husaini, President of Al-Mustafa Open University, along with Hujjatul Islam Taher Amini Golestani, Head of the International Affairs Department of Al-Mustafa Open University, attended the ICDE Presidents’ Summit in Sydney, Australia 2016. This conference was honored by 117 members including the Presidents and the representatives from various countries such as Norway, France, Nigeria, America, England, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Germany, Italy, China, Zimbabwe, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.


Organizing the ICDE conference 2018 in Qom


Beside the confrence, one of the main discussions in the seperate meetings was to hold the 2018’s summit in Qom, Iran. After the meeting between the President of MOU and authorities of ICDE,  the management of MOU is supposed to propose a project in this regard for further talk. 


Speech of President of MOU among the ICDE Presidents

In a separate meeting with the ICDE presidents, Hujjatul Islam wal Muslemin Husaini, president of MOU, addressed a speech in which he presented a brief introduction of the Open University. He added that this University which is based on the principles of pure Islam and the teachings of the holy Prophet Muhammad and his holy progeny, presents its teachings without any gender, age or religion limitations. He stated that the University is educating more than 5000 students form 80 countries.

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