Activities of International Affairs Department


1.       Visits

2.       Webinars

3.       Public Relation

4.       Branches abroad




        MOU provides opportunity for different people to visit al-Mustafa Open University and become aware of its various capabilities and potentialities in virtual space.




        Al-Mustafa Open University holds live Webinars (Web-Based Seminars) on various suggested subjects such as interfaith dialogue, Islamic Unity, Peace and Justice and other top contemporary subjects.





        International Affairs Department is also take responsibilities of public communications by which this department seeks to introduces the University to audience and provide full required information for interested applicants through internet or telephone calls, emails and physical methods.




        Al-Mustafa Open University has various branches worldwide through which the authorities try to solve the problems that might possibly occur in regard with admissions.

        MOU also provides alternative methods in countries which have cybernetic problems.