Presidency of Al-Mustafa Open University includes the following sections:
   1. President Office
   2. Board of Advisers


Duties of President’s Office

   1. Notifying orders of the president to relevant individuals and sections and following them up until results are obtained
   2. Preparing the minutes of sessions, notifying and following up legislations
   3. Carrying out secretarial-related duties of the executive board
   4. Supervising the best performance of departments and of the sections of the university and delivering the report to the president
   5. Coordinating with the university’s sections based on the given duties
   6. Managing communication between president and institutes and individuals
   7. Arranging relationship between president and advisors
   8. Tracking and removing personnel’s, academics’ and students’ problems and referring them to relevant sections based on the president’s orders
   9. Supervising best performance of office’s employees and receiving their performance reports

Duties of Operator

   1. Dealing with individuals who refer to the president’s office and guiding them towards relevant departments and sections
   2. Organizing and planning daily visits, meetings and activities of the president and arranging whatever the meetings require
   3. Going through formalities of the meetings and visits
   4. Dealing with phone calls and serving individuals with enquiries
   5. Managing outgoing phone calls of the president
   6. Arranging general requirements of the president’s office

Contact Numbers:
Head of President's Office: Majeed Komeijani
Phone:  +98 (253) 2114111
Operator: Javad Safai
Phone: +98 (253) 2114113